Wingsurfing/ Wingfoiling

Winging tuition and hire is available here at Coverack Windsurfing Centre

Wing tuition is offered 7 days a week throughout the season. Due to governing body guidance and to insure practical and effective delivery, the ratios of instructing in Wing tuition is set lower than that of windsurfing.  These sessions are run around our windsurfing delivery, as such booking is advisable.

Contact us for more information regarding RYA Wing certificated courses.

WingSurfing, and the more advanced WingFoiling, is the latest watersports craze to hit our waters. While only recently appearing at Coverack Windsurfing Centre, the sport has long passed its infancy stage and is quite a common sight on accessible waters across both the UK and the globe. Unlike windsurfing, the wing isn’t attached to the board, but is still controlled by your hands whilst standing.

No previous watersports experience is required, and you can learn the basics on a large windsurf board.  As you move into the next level, you’ll need a dedicated WingFoiling board, which has a foil attached.







Initially, WingSurfing is taught in groups of no more than 4. Unlike Windsurfing, we do have a slightly higher minimum wind speed of 8 knots to make the kit and the sessions both efficient and effective.  

In this early phase, you are taught the basics of handling the wing, starting off, turning and steering. Then we would look to improve your WingSurfing skills and would focus on more effective stance, gaining speed, tacks, sailing upwind and gybes. As previously mentioned, this would be done on large, stable windsurfing boards with the goal of establishing Wing handling skills and techniques moving across the water with confidence.

Then we enter the next level of Winging: on the FOIL. WingFoiling has the attraction of achieving speed in much less wind than some of its sister sports. Foils are efficient and when matched with the correct board, allow the rider the potential to experience riding on a foil and the exhilaration that comes with it.







Initially, with WingFoiling we would be looking to get the rider to rise up out of the water ‘flying’ on the foil, then descend down again in a controlled manner. Commonly referred to as porpoising; the aim being to increase the ‘flying’ time as confidence and control develops. Within the industry, this is known as FIRST FLIGHTS.

From here, we look at SUSTAINED FLIGHTS: longer flight times, more efficient and effective take offs, steering on the foil and preparing to gybe.

It is important to note that as much as the focus is on getting riders up and foiling, there is a big focus on control: shorter flights, controlled descents, power and speed management. Foils are effective and efficient and can be seen by some as daunting to master! However, the approach at Coverack Windsurfing Centre is as much as about control, as it is speed.

With this in mind (and with a safe and fun learning mindset), governing body guidance leads to a maximum of 2 clients foiling within a session. This means a more personal coaching session, where the client can enjoy the environment, paired with the best opportunities for progression.

Wetsuits and buoyancy aids are provided as part of the cost, as are helmets – which are mandatory for foiling sessions. (This is commonplace across the industry.)

We advise booking Wing sessions as we run them around our Windsurfing sessions and the times may vary from our normal morning and afternoon slots.